I'd be interested is there any difference between the three "lowest-ranked" campagnolo wheelsets, ie.: Khamsin, Vento, Scirocco.

I know that one can use the same freehub-axle for the three types. I'm riding Khamsins, I love them, but now I'd have the opportunity to buy Sciroccos, almost brand new for lower price than new khamsins (price'd be 150bucks).

Do these wheelsets differ in anything else beside weight? I don't really care whether my wheels weigh 1980 or 1790 grams, as long as the hubs spin up fast and keep the speed well.

So particulary I don't know is there any difference between the hubs used for these lower end wheelsets.  1

Thanks for the input, cheers.  1


700c [1231 posts] 4 years ago

Different rim depth, I think. Sirocco are 35 mm and may offer slight aero advantage once up to speed