Loctite Threadlock and Speedplay Cleats

by andycoventry   June 10, 2013  

I understand a little extra loctite threadlock is good when fitting speedplay cleats in addition to that already on the screws.

Question is which one to get and where can I get it.

I understand there are different grades 222 to 270 with 270 being permament.

Halfords only appear to have 248, is this good enough?.

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Not sure with locktite I've never been able to track it down so I've used this;


Medium strength and non permanent being the important bits I reckon. And yes you definitely need it for the Speedplay screws!

posted by MattT53 [144 posts]
10th June 2013 - 12:20

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I bought some Loctite from Halfords for my headset.
Think it was blue if that is any help.
Has been great since.

posted by Marauder [279 posts]
13th June 2013 - 14:29


Save your money - I've been using speedplays for at least 6 years and never had a problem with cleats slipping.

posted by lbuch [20 posts]
14th June 2013 - 12:14

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lbuch I think its more the question of the screws falling out as you are not supposed to tighten them too much.
I've had a screw fallout and the guy that did my bikefit mentioned its very common.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
14th June 2013 - 13:01

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222/223 will be ideal for the job as it's the lowest grade. Putting threadlock on blind fasteners like cleat screws is a good idea, plus it'll inhibit any corrosion.

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

posted by monty dog [426 posts]
14th June 2013 - 17:43

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