Sorry to bore everyone over the usual "which bike would you choose" thread, but I'm cursed with indecision so I'm looking for some advice.

A few month ago I had my Pearson IMNOTANUMBER stolenand having failed to get my insurance back I'm now saving for a replacement. I was just going to march down to East Sheen and get a like for like replacement (SRAM Apex groupset, H+Son rims on Chris KIng hubs, rest is as specced by Pearson themselves with their stuff).

This was my first proper geared road bike for about 25 year although I commute on SS and have a steel tourer as well as Surly Troll for kicking about on trails so not a novice cyclist, however I'm tubby at best and wanted to shift pounds on longer, faster miles.

I'm ashamed to admit I choose the Pearson based on the look but I have to admit in the 5 weeks I had it I loved it and even rode with a local CC for the first time and loved tha too. And then it was stolen.

When I started to look around I noticed the Ribble R872 and thought that it was a good value, good looking bike and could turn out a higher specced bike for less money. I've looked into carbon weaves to see if there was a noticeable difference in build quality (I couldn't tell you anyway, I was crap at Physics/Chemistry) and I've compared the 57cm vs 54.5 geometry and the Pearson was a little more 'relaxed', maybe even a little more comfortable.

I'd like a bike I can upgrade over time but want it to feel right as I start my new found interest. In the end I'd like to do Sportives and club rides.

Which would you choose?





700c [1250 posts] 5 years ago

If the Pearson fits you and as you say you loved it, that should be your choice

Anything else is a bit of a risk, even taking into account the slightly better value from Ribble.

Also, IMNOTANUMBER sounds better than R872, and perhaps is a bit more unique!

trainhitsboy [7 posts] 5 years ago

Good point. Well made.

notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

I'd take the Pearson - they are lovely looking bikes - nothing wrong with choosing based on the look, that's what's going to make you want to ride it on a miserable morning.

It's also a known quantity for you.

arrieredupeleton [585 posts] 5 years ago

Don't under-estimate fit and don't over-estimate the difference a few grammes on different component make. If you ride the Pearson more, you'll be losing weight yourself long after you're thinking about whether you should have gotten a better groupset or wheels.