Great deal for 110mm BCD 50/34 FSA chainring

by mikecoffee   June 4, 2013  

I've had a tough month in bike maintenance costs, i decided to walk into my local bike shop as winter is over and my chain needed a change, i decided that i was going to change it myself..... so bought all the tools stripped my bike, powered up my laptop and googled "change chain" boom £7 (for fitting chain) saved but actually the chain tool cost £10, so at this point -£3.

I then looked at my sorry looking cassette, and decided to that needed to get changed, as i own 2010 shinmano 105, i'm limited on my cassettes, but recently i've been doing all my climbing in my big chain ring 50, so decided i'd change my ratios from 11-25 to 11-28 so boom that's another £48 plus £10 fitting, as i decided that changing a cassette was a leap too far this time round, no i'm -£61.

The dude at the bike store, said that when trying to tune the gears he had some issues, i looked at him like a rabbit in headlights, he explained that my front chainring might need replacing "how much will that cost?" i asked with fear in my voice, "to change small and large around £100 with fitting"

well at this stage i was beaten, and was thinking damn those lovely cero AR30 wheels, which i was planning on buying was out of the windows.

The dude said, going for a ride and see what its like....

So i did, and he was right i could change my gears but the if was in 28/24/22 in the back the chain would chain on the front to the 50.

So for the last two days i've been grumpy.... then decide to see how hard it was to change the front chainring, google again, damn its pretty easy.

all i need to do then was find a large chain ring cheap....

and hey presto

FSA Alloy Road Bike Chainrings (Set of 2) Chain Rings (34 + 50t) 110mm BCD New! £29.99 for both.

so just bought them, so if anyone else is looking some cheap chainrings 11omm BCD 34/50, these are the exact ones supplied on my bike GT GTr series 2 2010 model.

thanks for reading now i'm only -£100 from buying a bloody chain, i think this time round i'm going to take better care of my chain, and therefore my bike.

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I did the same sort of thing. I changed the chain on the trike, instantly felt the difference, so decided the stock parts weren't good enough

The chain cost £70 because I had to buy 3x10 speed chains.

I got an FSA crankset from Chain Reactions in their sale, down from £299 to £80.99

Also doing the cassette, £50 for the 9 speed capreo and £14.99 for the 9 speed 11-34t to get the ratios I want and make my own 10 speed from it.

Installed everything myself, plus stripped and rebuild it all twice since I got it in December. Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
4th June 2013 - 21:35


Mike, thanks for the heads up..

May well be taking up this offer since a crash on Monday evening resulted in some drive train damage.. Waiting for the verdict from lbs on what the damage is..

She's ok but bruises everywhere!

posted by 700c [747 posts]
5th June 2013 - 10:17

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Eek it's never good to crash, hopefully it won't be too expensive to repair the bike.

posted by mikecoffee [29 posts]
5th June 2013 - 16:09