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by nemysys   June 4, 2013  

I'm looking to make some room in the shed for a new bike..

Space is a problem.

What is the considered opinion of 'hanging' a bike by the front wheel...

Big hook in roof spar and hook bike up...!

Does this not put a lot of strain in the front forks...?

Any experience out there...?

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you can get a hook that hangs the bike by the pedal, which doesn't put any strain on the frame or fork. you need a wall though, so maybe not an option for a shed. to be honest if the fork can't cope with the weight of the rest of the bike you'd better not load it up with your body mass Thinking

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7742 posts]
4th June 2013 - 12:19


Whats wrong with hanging it by the back wheel? (Alu frame) This is what I do with my road bike with Carbon forks, My hybrid has steel forks so I still hang it by the front wheel. I put soft cloth on the hook first so as avoid marking the rims - jobs a good un!

posted by 60kg lean keen ... [68 posts]
4th June 2013 - 14:26


If you are going to hang a bike by the wheel. The rear is preferable. Because the way the drop outs (unless its a track bike) are shaped, it gives you extra protection Wink

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4th June 2013 - 17:59

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5th June 2013 - 9:35