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by dunnoh   June 3, 2013  

It’s driving me barmy. I have a pair of Edinburgh Bike sunglasses that are superb and cost £10. However they are too dark for some of my journeys so I thought I would buy some new glasses with Photochromic or Gradated lenses. It can't be that difficult to find a very light pair of sunglasses that aren't made of hard plastic and are relatively rimless and reasonably cheap. I've tried Decathlons and Enduras offering and none suit (too heavy at the front and felt really heavy and plasticy). Does anyone have any suggestions? The nearest I’ve come to something online are Rudy Project Stratofly's at £80 which seems like madness to spend on glasses, or is it?

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I know you say Endura's offering, does that include the Triggers?

I can't see past them anymore. I'd have them over ANYTHING on the market just now

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posted by Gkam84 [9315 posts]
3rd June 2013 - 23:46


I bought a pair of Uvex Vario (SGL202) from Merlin. By the time all the discounts were applied they worked out about £55, but they're light, rimless and so far the lenses react well to light conditions. Not the most secure fit on my nose, but haven't come close to falling off.

posted by Spatulala [104 posts]
3rd June 2013 - 23:52


Bloc does some decent glasses in the £20 - £50 range, some rimless & with interchangable lenses.

posted by sarahb [5 posts]
4th June 2013 - 0:22


Check out this month's Cycling Plus. They've done a review of sunnies with some reasonably priced one too.

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posted by jova54 [654 posts]
4th June 2013 - 7:19


Dhb from Wiggle, changeable lenses. Cheap and very, very light. Come with three sets of lenses for different lights. Can be a pain to change lenses, you'll need to be careful.

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posted by sm [370 posts]
4th June 2013 - 7:21


I have some Tifosi Slips. They're light and have photochromic lenses. A quick google shows they're just over £50 at the moment

posted by pirnie [215 posts]
4th June 2013 - 8:09


+1 for Tifosi Slip. I use a pair for my everyday commuting and have also started using them for long rides and events. They perform as well as my Oakleys and are cheap enough that I don't have to worry about looking after them too obsessively. There's a wide range of lenses, often available to buy individually so you can get different darknesses, polarised, photochromic etc. and replace them easily if they get scratched or lost.

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4th June 2013 - 8:58


+1 for Uvex Vario (SGL202)

-1 for Tifosi Slip, I found the little tabs that hold the lenses in break too easily

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posted by netclectic [127 posts]
4th June 2013 - 9:15


Thanks. I like the look of the Uvex Vario. They could be just the job

posted by dunnoh [208 posts]
4th June 2013 - 10:12