This was a thread about name changes in the game, its now changed, but the title stays.

I've just come back from a weekend away to find alot of OLD threads have suddenly popped back up again. Including one of mine, which has now been locked from further comments.

Now when I suggested to Dave quite a while back that someone should be in charge of moderating the forum, deleted old threads and inappropriate comments, he said there was no need for it and the old threads were left for peoples information on things and to reference back to them.

There are alot of great threads with information that people could read and gain knowledge on them.

BUT, not if you keep going back, grabbing parts of quotes, changing them and also bring back dead threads.

Do everyone on the forum a favour. Stop it or piss off somewhere else and annoy them. I am sick of seeing it now. You've gotten on a few folks backs now and obviously annoyed someone enough they have started to lock up threads.

Take this as some friendly advice. Quit pissing people off. You are NOT going to change the way the game is run this season and the more you annoy people and keep coming up with suggestions mid season. The more chance you will get TOTALLY ignored when it comes to the end of the season and we are looking for ideas before 2014 kicks off.


sm [398 posts] 3 years ago

Backlash #1: Alberto Contador Velasco.
Really? The BBC, Guardian et al, and I doubt even Spanish papers, would refer to riders as such. Gkam, you're a star for responding to customer feedback and spending your own time doing so, however, the feedback doesn't improve the game, as you say it'll just make it harder to find riders.

No biggie I guess, just my two cents. I have to say you guys (and gals?) who run this game are might responsive. Very impressive.

PS: Enrique - we should not seek to copy what the UCI does, it's hardly an organistion we can put our trust in.