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Long time browser, first time poster here.

I was wondering if anyone here is doing the dragon ride and driving back to the london area? I've managed to get a ticket at the last minute. However, the train company are really funny about having to reserve bike spaces, of which none are left. I'm a bit worried about chancing it on the train and not getting let on as it's full of Dragon Riders and their bikes.

if anyone is heading back to London and has space, I'd happily offer them a good chunk of the petrol cost, and of course, my fine company for the long drive home.

Contact me on here or at jim_cotton85 [at] hotmail.co.uk if you can help out!



oddbydefault [83 posts] 5 years ago

You are right about the bike space - I have witnessed this first hand, and you don't want to risk it.

If you can't find a lift, you could try bringing some sturdy bin liners & duct tape, take off the front wheel and lay it on the frame, turn bars... then heavily bag and duct it (attempt to form a vaguely non-bicycle shape).

Carry on to the train. Should be fine.