Fizik R3 high arch issue .. how to resolve

by kupepe   May 31, 2013  


my gf bought me a pair of the previous model of Fizik R3 for a present, cause she knew I adored them.

Unfortunately, i feel the high arch of the insole ... too high.

If i used a pair of moldable insoles from Sida would that issue be resolved or it has nothing to do with the insole and its the way the sole of the shoe is constructed. I really like them and would not like to return them for another model.

I have not been riding with them just wearing them in the house for a day to see the fit.

Thank you

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Nice present!

If you pull the insole out of the shoe, what is the arch like underneath?

If the high arch is in the insole, then I guess a custom insole would resolve it. If it's in the shoe construction, then I guess not.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3723 posts]
31st May 2013 - 8:46


The high arch insole is surprisingly comfortable. I've never had anything like them before but now love my R3s

posted by tao24 [71 posts]
31st May 2013 - 19:42

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I use esoles insoles with high arches that are very noticeable, bordering on uncomfortable when walking around however they disappear when pedalling and have eliminated hotspot issues I had before fitting them. I suggest you try riding in them. Maybe try the insoles in your existing shoes to see if they are an issue on and off the bike?

posted by bigant [43 posts]
31st May 2013 - 23:50

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Well ... I should not have spoken before I actually ride with these R3s ... It may feel awkward when you wear them at first but on the bike and a two 100km rides .. WOW .. COMFORTABLE !!!! STIFF !!! the high arch does support wonderfully when riding ...

Thanx all ..

posted by kupepe [63 posts]
2nd June 2013 - 19:05


Just wondering how you're getting on with the high arch? Just bought myself a pair and after initially trying them on I was unsure about the arch, but now after reading this I think I might need to give them a go

posted by MattFr [109 posts]
5th April 2015 - 22:04


I have a pair of R1s, but have no problem with the insole. Perhaps consult a podiatrist or physio. The foot is a fairly complex piece of engineering and the arch of the foot is very
Important when it comes to transmitting the power from the leg to the pedal (no arch and your foot collapses and power dissipates - it can have effects on your posture too).

The issue is whether you have a flat foot, in which case the arch will be helpful to a degree. Or whether the arch of the insole is in misalignment with your foot's arch....which in some ways is a bummer because the shoe doesn't fit. An alternative (which can be expensive) is to get an insole made for you and inserted into the shoe. Or maybe remove the insole and have an insole with no arch - a strong foot can sustain and support itself (but not everyone has a foot that does that).

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1623 posts]
5th April 2015 - 23:27


I bought a pair about a year ago and had the same problem. Swapped out the Fizik insole with an old Specialised BG set and I now use them without pain.

posted by shearer27 [22 posts]
7th April 2015 - 14:53