I'm looking to get back to bike riding after a lapse of about 25 years! I want a Hybrid bike with mudguards and rear rack as I plan to mostly use the bike for getting fit, shopping, etc on roads/park.

I'm trying to decide between four bikes:

Halfords Crossfire 1
Halfords Crossfire 2
Decathlon B'Twin NeWork 5
Ridgeback Meteor Mens Hybrid Bike

The Ridgeback Meteor is one that I'm tempted to purchase but I'm very confused as to quality of components used and reliabilty - it seems good on paper byt my knowledge is basic. Most of these four seem to get good reviews but peoples greater experience or knowledge of these would be appreciated.




bike_food [173 posts] 3 years ago

No experience with any of the bikes you mention but have you considered the specialized sirrus, there's one for sale here http://road.cc/content/forum/84536-fs-specialized-sirrus-elite-2011

I owned a 2010 sport model for a year and used it for pootling about when out with family, it was great for that.

Simon E [2964 posts] 3 years ago

Similar lack of experience of these models here but I've been impressed with Ridgeback's overall mix of design and spec (lots of good quality Shimano components as the brand is designed/owned by Shimano's UK distributor Madison) and their bikes are a good bet. If you buy from a customer focussed LBS you should get good after-sales support too.

I would steer clear of a suspension fork unless you're wanting to do lots of rough stuff riding - cheap ones are just a liability and add unnecessary weight.

One bike in this class that not many people consider is the Islabikes Beinn 29 (Bikeradar review here). Developed by Isla for parents who wanted a bike to accompany their children, it has lots of great touches but is a bit more expensive than the models you are considering.

In the end the best bike is the one that fits properly and you feel happiest riding it.