Ultegra Di2

by rabeynon   May 27, 2013  

Hello all,

Does anyone know if Shimano are planning on releasing a new 11spd Ultegra Di2 groupset? seeing as they have overhauled the mechanical, I was just wondering if they were planning on the same for electronic.

I am looking at buying a new bike (Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 7.0 Di2), but was wondering if it would be better to wait until september to see if bikes come equipped with new Di2?

Many thanks

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I've no idea but I'd say buy it now - why miss a whole summer of riding your dream bike just in case an extra sprocket gets added in time for the winter?

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
27th May 2013 - 14:58


It's inevitably going to happen isn't it? Have to say, feel as if I already have about a million gears on my bike.

(Canyon AL Di2)

posted by Tom Amos [246 posts]
28th May 2013 - 0:52

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The rumours I have heard and they are only rumours at this stage. Is that you will be able to upgrade from 10 speed to 11 speed Di2 with a firmware upgrade.

So if you have 10 speed Di2, when you wear out your chain & cassette, get a firmware upgrade, 11 speed chain & cassette (and maybe chainrings) and hey presto 11 speed.

Hopefully somebody with a bit more knowledge of Di2 & 11 speed can enlighten us.

seeing I use old school 10 speed mechanical SRAM Red on my Canyon AL8

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
28th May 2013 - 2:00


Also does anyone know if you can use the new dura ace seatpost battery with ultegra di2?

posted by rabeynon [48 posts]
28th May 2013 - 9:56


nickobec, thanks for the info! I thought the gear shifters wouldn't be compatible? But maybe because they're electronic, it just doesn't matter?

posted by Tom Amos [246 posts]
28th May 2013 - 13:10


It's 'fly by wire' - the move of the levers fires up the motor that pushes the changer. So if you get different amounts of motor activity, you should be able to deal with different spacings, more rings, etc. SOunds like software not hardware to me! As a 10sp Campag bod, its all academic to me ...

posted by edster99 [290 posts]
28th May 2013 - 17:10

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In addition to a firmware upgrade you would need to make mechanical changes to the RD, namely altering the adjustment screws. However, the Shimano etube software will make the adjustments for you as long as you have loosened the screws. Then all you need to do is tighten the screws and you're good to go.

posted by cojones [13 posts]
31st May 2013 - 22:04