Yorkshire Dales or Moors?

by sm   May 25, 2013  

I'm off on a hill hunting mission (thanks Mr Warren!) in Yorkshire soon. I'll be hitting both the Dales and the Moors but was wondering which one you prefer for cycling? Once I've ticked off the hills I'm looking for stunning scenic rides so wondering which of the two to spend more time at. Route recommendations and GPXs welcome. Thanks.

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Oh, and planning to stay somewhere in the middle of two like Thirsk, so any bike friendly B&Bs also appreciated. Thanks.

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posted by sm [377 posts]
25th May 2013 - 9:56


If you like climbing, North York Moors... Sutton Bank, Boltby, Chimney to name a few. Roads over moors virtually car free away from major cross routes like A170 and the Stokesley - Helmsley routes.
Thirsk basically at the foot of the scarp to the Moors, the Dales are 20miles away to the West.

Not sure re accom. Eleven Westgate in Pickering is very bike friendly for all creeds of rider but not so good if the Dales is on the cards as well!

Dales more wide valleys and whaleback hills, Moors steeper sided valleys and desolate.


posted by Dr Max [10 posts]
25th May 2013 - 10:32


I live in Ripon. There are many beautiful rides in the Dales and some stunning scenery. Climbs to include are butter tubs, fleet moss, Park rash and possibly Tan hill. All can be done in a day with a ride I about 85 miles centred on either Richmond or Leyburn. I've done it. North York moors are as described above. The climbs I would recommend are the White horse, Boltby and top of the list has to be Chimney bank. I would probably avoid Sutton Bank unless early in the morning as its a busy road. There's probably more ridding in the dales as much of the north York moors are just open countryside.
Sorry cant comment on accommodation as I've no experience of it. Try looking at the dales bike centre in Reeth. Slap bang in the middle of the most amazing dales countryside. Hope this helps.

posted by Psycling [52 posts]
25th May 2013 - 11:44


Thanks both some good tips there. Think the Moors could be for me on the scenery front but there's more routes in the dales. Will also try to get down to some climbs over Hebdon Bridge way too.

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posted by sm [377 posts]
25th May 2013 - 13:07


Do the Dales and ignore the NYM. You can do the hills the TDF crowd will be doing in 2014. The LetourYorkshire route.
Buttertubs and over Whipperdale Bank at Grinton, ending up at Leyburn.
The best of Wensleydale & Swaledale.
You can throw in Tan Hill for a nice pint of Black Sheep/ Theakstons Bitter.


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posted by spragger [26 posts]
25th May 2013 - 18:47


Thanks for all of the advice above. lying here with sore legs, I can answer my own question! Pretty much as mentioned above. The Dales really are beautiful. Steeper climbs in the moors but the landscape was pretty dull, and I like bleak! The Chimney climb was also a bit disappointing, I was expecting a leg breaker but HardKnott it is not. Loved the cobbled climbs down Halifax way too.

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posted by sm [377 posts]
26th June 2013 - 20:23


A bit late I know but being a Helmsley lad it has to be the moors - plenty of great climbs and you can pretty much have it to yourself if you stay off the A roads. Helmsley also has lots of good accommodation.

posted by arfa [652 posts]
26th June 2013 - 21:35