Long time reader, first time poster hoping to get some advice and recommendations!

A change of job means I'm now looking at a 5-6 mile commute, so I'm thinking about getting a single speed bike that could cover that, but would also give me the option of some longer training rides.

I've narrowed it down a bit to something steel, flip flop hub, front and rear brakes, and possibly guard eyelets. Happy to either go for a complete bike or build up from a quality frame, with total budget somewhere between £500-700.

The Genesis Flyer looks like it would fit the bill, as would the Surly Steamroller. Can anyone recommend any others to add to the list of options?



djgorey [40 posts] 5 years ago

I'm looking to get a Felt Brougham towards the end of the year for that purpose. Cheaper than your budget, but fits the bill

jamesgraemer [26 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks- like the look of the KHS Flite, seems good value and quality frame. Another one to add to the list! The Felt's a really nice looking bike and would be great around town, just not sure how it would fare on slightly longer rides.

Anyone else got any favourites?

spongebob [279 posts] 5 years ago

I have an Edinburgh Cycles Revolution Track for my SS/Fixed ride. Got it for £250, wouldnt really want/need to spend any more on a single speed, rides well, flip flop hub, has all the bases covered.

PJ McNally [592 posts] 5 years ago

I've a fantastic ride, the KHS Flite 100, which is an absolute joy to ride.

It was reviewed on here, too:


(That's the gold one, but mine's a more tasteful black and red).

I agree with the reviewers though - switch to some different bars! I've a set of bullhorns on mine, with bar end brake levers - couldn't be happier.

Note that while I ride this into town, to the shops etc, my commute has a big hill in it so I ride a geared bike. Maybe I'm just not hard enough, eh?

(though I did head out for a couple of hours today in the rain, for some hills, on the geared bike. So Rule 9 says I'm doing ok).

Hills are perfectly doable; when my geared bike is out of action, I take the single-speed to work. It is a great workout!

forzagaribaldi [11 posts] 5 years ago

I’ve had a Kona Paddy Wagon since 2008 and happy to recommend. Not looked at the latest version so unsure what has changed but only complaint I have with mine is a crappy bottom bracket which becomes noisy up sometimes. I’ve not changed any components apart from replacing chain and rear sprocket once.

Used for daily (short) commute and generally getting around London. Done a few metric centuries on it as well as London to Brighton and other similar rides.