Guns and America

by notfastenough   May 24, 2013  


Excerpt below:

The Crickett is just one of many child-sized rifles on the market and is sold with the tag line 'My First Rifle.'

It comes in a number of child-friendly barrel designs and colors, including hot pink for little girls. A host of accessories are also available, like story books and a gun-toting beanie baby of the rifle's mascot, a cartoonish cricket.

Surprise Surprise Surprise

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I saw that, it's horrific they think keeping a rifle anywhere other than a gun locker is a good idea (I'd say about letting kids use guns, but I've target shot .22s since my early teens). I was half expecting the NRA to say if she had one it wouldn't have happened. Americans are just not right when it comes to weapons

posted by pdows47 [111 posts]
24th May 2013 - 14:46