Bit of a long shot this,

Has anyone ever serviced/changed the bearings in their Campagnolo freehub body?

The outer bearing is easy but the inner is held in by a cir clip/snap ring. Do i actually need to replace this item?

As far as i can tell there is a spacer in the body that will keep the bearings apart so what does the snapring do except make it a pain to change bearings?


bike_food [179 posts] 5 years ago

I replaced both bearings in fulcrum racing 3 freehub body a couple of weeks back. Sounds very similar design, are your bearings 6803s? I wasn't sure why the circlip was there either other than to make the process harder. If you don't have removal tool you can get small screwdriver down back of circlip and force out, it's tough but will go. Depends on how rough bearing is whether you need to change, I'd do it just because you have it apart then you can forget about it. They go in a lot easier than they come out with a little grease.