by dunnoh   May 22, 2013  

I dunno about you, but I love reading stuff on this place, but the seemingly constant articles about cyclists being killed, hit, maimed and injured make me really depressed. Are there any nice cycling stories about?

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It's the same as any other news site or tv programme, focus on the bad stuff with the odd lighter moment.
We all love to be outraged I think, there's only so many reviews on cotton caps you can take before getting bored.

posted by bike_food [164 posts]
22nd May 2013 - 21:38


Where are the reviews on cotton caps!? Surprise Thinking

posted by skitza [16 posts]
22nd May 2013 - 21:58


Agreed, keeps me away from the site at times

posted by jengy [70 posts]
22nd May 2013 - 22:11


It's been my New Years resolution not to read them. Head in the sand maybe but I feel a lot happier!

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
22nd May 2013 - 22:18


It is depressing, and I find it hard to read on occasion, but it's good that someone is keeping track and highlighting all this stuff. No-one else out there seems to be doing that particular job quite as well.

I've used articles to show my MP examples of the sort of crap cyclists have to deal with, so it's definitely a useful resource. Regular news outlets definitely don't serve to fight our corner, that's for sure, so I think are doing a useful job in this respect.

I also like the endless cotton cycling cap reviews but then I'm a bit weird... Wink

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posted by mintimperial [18 posts]
22nd May 2013 - 22:24


Great minds and all. I've had it with, totally fed up with the another cyclist gets killed/ driver gets nothing story. We get it, you need to publish it but some balance please. My lovely country lane sunny 25miles home this eve isn't news but it shifts the balance for me.

posted by lister40 [2 posts]
22nd May 2013 - 22:25


At the same time, if they didn't post a story and it grew to international scale, many would call them out for not reporting the story.

Ie: this Twitter hit and run story has officially hit American Yahoo front page. It's a huge story. What if didn't post it?

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posted by badkneestom [134 posts]
23rd May 2013 - 3:54


I had a nice ride home last night. Considerate road users, average luck with the red lights. Waved and said hi to people, slowed down to let a cat cross the road. Made lots of cake. Life is good.

Not headline news though. Happens most days, well maybe not the cake.

posted by Argos74 [351 posts]
23rd May 2013 - 6:44


Well they can't not report it.

Anyway, there's a forum. We could always make a concerted effort to redress the happiness balance by using that.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3723 posts]
23rd May 2013 - 8:00


I totally agree, it's for me one of the best written 'daily' cycling websites but it does come across as playing the victim sometimes.

Keep it positive please, by all means report on the uglier side to cycling but there was a period for a while where the front page was dominated by 'HGV crash stats', 'car beeped their horn at me' type stories.

More Rapha reviews please Wink

posted by thebungle [115 posts]
23rd May 2013 - 8:25


notfastenough wrote:
Well they can't not report it.

Anyway, there's a forum. We could always make a concerted effort to redress the happiness balance by using that.


Plus the reviews of Giro stages and pro bike kit are great.

posted by Super Domestique [1695 posts]
23rd May 2013 - 9:13

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posted by John_the_Monkey [428 posts]
23rd May 2013 - 10:24


Hey guys I have come across this pretty late and I kinda agree that reporting is a bit of a pity party for cyclists.

What prompted me to add my 2c is that I have just finessed reading David McRaney's You are not so smart.. The quote of the day is:-

“If you see lots of shark attacks in the news, you think, 'Gosh, sharks are out of control.' What you should think is 'Gosh, the news loves to cover shark attacks.”

Ride safe, FG

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posted by Fixie Girl [125 posts]
6th July 2013 - 23:01


I understand what people are saying, but I think that reporting these tragic events raises awareness.
There is plenty of normal positive stuff, but these stories tend to stick in our minds and are have more of a impact on our day than most of the other stuff.

In honesty I am more worried by the fact that even though I am more of a die hard cyclist than most, cars have definitely stopped me from cycling on many roads at certain times of the day. It is not because of what I read on here, it is because of hairy overtaking or other dangerous manoeuvres I was experiencing almost every day.

posted by ilovemytinbred [164 posts]
7th July 2013 - 5:48