As my seemingly eternal wait for an insurance provided goes on I've been pondering the importance of an initial bike fit.

I like to think I can tell when my position is right and wrong on the bike and I'm quite happy making minor tweeks and honestly assesing them.

Which leads me on to a bike fit, as i'm happy with my current setup I guess they would use that as a starting point, I know my saddle height is ideal as even by increasing it by 1mm I can feel it, I'm already 'slammed' on my stem after gradually working my way down the spacers, again I can't really see me making the drop any more aggressive without it being an out&out race machine, reach perhaps - if I had a 10mm longer stem I'd certainly give it a try.

So given that I'm pretty happy with my current setup is it worth being that hung up on? Is it likley they would suggest a much different position or would it simpy be used to transfer what I'm happy with over to a new bike?


abudhabiChris [692 posts] 3 years ago

If you're happy with your current setup, confident about making adjustments for yourself and suffering no innjury or other ill-effects then I don't think you really need it.

No doubt a bike fitter would say that you should do it to ensure that you aren't doing something that will result in a long-term problem which may not be apparent now but, well, they would, wouldn't they.

I've had them done to solve specific problems and I have nothing against them.

But I suspect the chances of being told "You know what, you look fine" are somewhat smaller than they ought to be.

Like lawyers they will always feel obliged to make some change, just to show it was worth the fee.

notfastenough [3716 posts] 3 years ago

Do you ever get saddle sores? Pain anywhere? Shoulder or neck tension? Aches/pains after long rides?

If no to all of the above, then maybe a bike fit can't help you. Even if you're just 'reasonably' happy, you probably have the fit sufficiently close that you won't buy the wrong size frame, which is the key thing.

thebungle [104 posts] 3 years ago

Generally speaking no, I certainly know when I've been out for 3-4 hrs but nothing that I would not expect from that length of time exercising, certainly not crippling back/wrist/knee pain which aeems to be the most common complaint.

I think my worry is that when I'm going through the new bike purchase process the fit that I'm 'given' will be in-appropriate, wrong is the the er...wrong word to use.