I'm riding the Etape Merca in August and raising funds for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

I have emailed everyone that I know with an email address - many have been very supportive and donated via the Virgin Money Giving website...

But a few people have rung me up or emailed me to say what a great cause... I'll be supporting you... etc

But none of them have yet made a donation... is this a new phenomenon...? Where people have to tell you how good they are... but having done that, they don't have to actually do anything...?

Anyone else come across this...?



Tour Le Tour [90 posts] 5 years ago

I'm freezing my posterior off at the Giro as I speak, having ridden over 3000km through rain, hail and snow, having been robbed and hit by a car, and still going. Of course, I am doing it for charity, and some strangers have been wonderful, and yet from the huge number of people I know who promised to donate, only a tiny handful have. I am surprised and disappointed, I have to admit!

Cycle_Jim [264 posts] 5 years ago

Yeah having the same, had some one promise a donation and never did it! I think it's because they have more of a get out clause at home ie. they aren't face to face with you!

SideBurn [890 posts] 5 years ago

I know an awful lot of people who are raising money for this and that. There are sponsorship forms on notice boards at work. I also go to supermarkets and have hopeful looking people with buckets. Walk down the street there are people after money (loose change and for charity).
People know I ride a bike, they know I enjoy it, very little would be a real challenge.
Now if an 18 stone oofa was to say they were going to ride 100 miles, a marathon, climb Kilimanjaro I would be all ears and support.
I donate sums of money on a regular basis to various charities; other than that they can shove it. First question I ask is how much of my money goes to the benefactor and how much goes on admin? The answer is often surprising...