Damn, People like this really do exsist!

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A little chat I have with a work colleague this morning;

He pipes up this morning about a group of four ‘selfish cyclists’. They were riding two abreast close behind each other (so taking up the same space as a car then).
He ap

proaches them from behind in his car and beeps(!) as he thinks they should move aside for him. I explained to him that they have an equal right to use the road as he does and if they go single file, it will make it more difficult to overtake them as they will then be the size of a lorry.
No, no, no, what he means is, they should move over and ride in the gutter to allow him past!
He then gets annoyed by ‘the cyclists arrogance’ and overtakes anyway. As he draws past them, a car comes around the corner towards him, forcing him to squeeze in between the two groups of two cyclists. Apparently the cyclists where somewhat displeased with this manoeuvre (who would have thought?!).
I point out the error of his ways and he then goes on to rant about cyclists not having insurance (I point out that I do have insurance like hundreds of thousands of other British cycling members) and that cyclists don’t pay road Tax (I point out that I pay the same rate of tax that zero emission cars do).
Apparently, ‘we’re never going to agree on this’.