Hi guys, I was hoping I could call on the amassed knowledge of the Road.cc forum and ask some questions about Campagnolo. Let me start by saying I know my way around a bike, I've worked in a shop and done a few frame up builds, but all of my work so far has been with Shimano and a little SRAM.

My current situation is this: I've got a lovely Alu frame (I don't trust carbon) that I want to build up with full Campagnolo Athena 11s. I have a couple of queries, mainly:

Does anyone know where I can get it, or it's constituent parts cheaply?
Can I use any 11s chain on it (Shimano, KMC etc)?
Is Athena the highest Campagnolo Groupset that still has Alu as a prominent feature rather than carbon?

Thanks in advance!


700c [1171 posts] 4 years ago

Kmc chain will definitely work as I use it on 10 speed veloce. I imagine they do 11 speed also but haven't checked.

Not sure about shimano chains, generally people prefer the kmc quick link for ease of user, cleaning etc.

Re buying groupsets cheaply, just look out for special offers. I find bikediscount.de can be very cheap. Generally anything 11 speed is a lot pricier as it's new and trendy. You'd be able to get good discounts on 10 speed components if you were prepared to compromise on number of gears. Adjustment may be less tricky too..

Finally yes, for 11 speed Athena is the only aluminium groupset, according to a quick check of their website.

Colin Peyresourde [1820 posts] 4 years ago

Why don't you trust carbon? Commitment issues?!