what socks you all wear, got my free pair of hargreaves with my June issue of cycling plus, average quality bit small, and it got me thinking what everyone wears, I bought some from lidl the cheap food shop they where 2.50 a pair and are the best cycling socks I have, metatarsal support, slight padding on the ankle and tougher parts on the tour and heel, for the money unbelievable value. they even have a R and L to tell you what foot to put them on lol. the top price ones of about twenty quid don't look as good.


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I have some aldi and some lidl ones, both of which are good. DeFeet socks are about 6-7 pound per pair, and are good to, I have a pair of their BikePure ones I use for racing.

posted by pdows47 [111 posts]
20th May 2013 - 11:33


+1 for Aldi

posted by Some Fella [908 posts]
20th May 2013 - 11:38


Never got on with any free socks from mags, they always go in the bin (too nylony feel). I mostly use Endura coolmax socks over summer as they're cheap and seem comfy enough to me. I have a couple of pairs of fancier socks (Assos etc.) but once out riding I can't tell the difference. Winter socks are different, prepared to spend more money on merino and low volume thermal ones (although the Assos fuguspeer ones I spent the most on are rubbish)

posted by fuzzywuzzy [70 posts]
20th May 2013 - 11:38


If you live in the heat like me, only 1 sock cuts it..

Prendas High Summer Carbon socks. I have Assos/ Castelli/ Giordana and De-feet socks as well, but have now got 6 pairs of the Prendas, without a doubt the best hot weather sock and the only ones I wear during my summer


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20th May 2013 - 11:40


I've been wearing the free socks from Cycling Plus (Scott, Wiggle and now Hargreaves)as regular socks with jeans and regular shoes. They might be free, but I don't like black socks on the bike (too Lance!) and won't advertise brands I don't use. Alright, I do use Wiggle quite a lot, but if they want me to advertise them on my bike, they should pay me.

Currently, I wear Sidi socks to match my shoes, or Pinerello socks to match my bike, or blue Endura socks to match my blue Endura club kit.

posted by Vic Brown [42 posts]
20th May 2013 - 11:45


I was surprised to find that the free socks from cp fitted. I have rather large feet. Been washed twice and still fit. I have two pairs of Bike Pure and two of ShuttVR all white.

Done Nightrider 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Parkinson's UK. Next year Ride London

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posted by jova54 [663 posts]
20th May 2013 - 12:07


Endura coolmax, Muddyfox (because they are bright pink), Pearl Izumi thermal for the winter, Road.cc socks.... and various others I can't remember off hand

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20th May 2013 - 12:16


Used to wear short trainer socks from Decathlon but stumped up some money for the Road.cc ones. Quality socks and they don’t look too shabby either.

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20th May 2013 - 12:24


I like the L and R on my Aldi socks so much that I have copied the idea onto my shoes.

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posted by Crosshouses [271 posts]
20th May 2013 - 13:24


Road.cc ones of course.

posted by Super Domestique [1695 posts]
20th May 2013 - 13:25


+1 for Endura Coolmax for the summer.
Surface Herringbone socks for the winter.

posted by Marauder [284 posts]
20th May 2013 - 13:54

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By all means upgrade your components but what sock your wearing doesn't matter.i wear plain black socks but I have memory foam insoles under my shoe insoles and it gives me total comfort and reduces road buzz

posted by Shanefutcher [121 posts]
20th May 2013 - 14:00


memory foam inserts, nice.... runs of to eBay Big Grin

posted by billyman [145 posts]
20th May 2013 - 14:16


Assos in the summer, I like the colour and design, and M&S Black long ones in the winter, rolled down if I have leg showing, to keep me warm and snug!

posted by Jaltham [67 posts]
20th May 2013 - 14:20


slightly off topic but I don't want to start another thread, I wear shimano r087 shoes, does anyone know the the hole in the sole near the front is for? apart from allowing water in and cold air that numbs your toes lol, and do the majority of clip in shoes have that hole?

I may " accidentally" break my shoes and " hey love my shoes are broken, I need a new pair but I know you don't mind because I am saving two grand a year by cycling rather than driving" lol

posted by billyman [145 posts]
20th May 2013 - 14:23


My only cycling specific socks are some Galibier ones. Due to rather cold feet and a very British spring, I often resort to whatever wool socks I have to hand.

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20th May 2013 - 14:33


Did U get some memory foam insoles,trust me they're the way ahead

posted by Shanefutcher [121 posts]
20th May 2013 - 19:54


ordered of eBay, 99p lol

posted by billyman [145 posts]
20th May 2013 - 20:03


One of the best pairs I have comes from a Cycling Weekly Sportive freebie.

I have some Wooly Bully De-feet socks, and the rest are Castelli.

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1621 posts]
20th May 2013 - 20:27