Wiggins, career over?

by Jonomc   May 16, 2013  

He's clearly got a case of the yipps poor lad. Can't see anyway back for him, can you even be a domestique if you ride down hill like your gran?

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People, pipe down....... For goodness sake this is like reading the daily mails take on Wiggo. Give the chap a break he'll bounce back, he's a proven champion ( I have said that he was getting too big for his boots recently so a bit of humble pie won't do any harm) but honestly career ending I think NOT!


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posted by Dr Plumbster [21 posts]
17th May 2013 - 6:43


wow, this is the most uninformed comment I've ever seen.

Try riding with a chest infection in good weather, let alone what they have been putting up with. Hopfully they will pull wiggo and let the team focus on Uran, he's looking damn strong!

posted by chrisb87 [71 posts]
17th May 2013 - 7:22


Actually, illness does set you back on cornering and descents. Your ears are connected to your sinuses. Balance Central Command. It may not be the case here, but it can easily be affected. Add in crashing, having great form and not wanting to lose it through a break, being mentally fragile under certain circumstances anyway, and the world's media up your arse waiting for you to cock up (the crap with Froome was a really silly move in that respect), and its not going to help.

Career over? Silly. But if he pulls the rug from Froome in Tour and messes the whole team dynamic, he could pay longterm. Nobody likes a trouble maker. Especially if they're not winning. He could see himself as a lone top GC man on a smaller team, and he may never regain title. The next couple of months are a test of his head more than his heart.

He big champ.


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posted by aslongasicycle [365 posts]
17th May 2013 - 8:17

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posted by Super Domestique [1686 posts]
17th May 2013 - 8:21

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what I dont understand, is why did sky pull Uran back on stage 3 or 4 (cant remember which) to help wiggins. If they knew wiggins was suffering from a infection. Uran would have been second now and have had a decent shot of winning.

also, wiggins lost his bottle on the downhill. Chest infection or not he had lost it mentally and would have still lost a lot of time.

posted by millskid [53 posts]
17th May 2013 - 8:58


Get well soon Brad. I wonder in Canada if they're giving Ryder such a hard time too. Seems we like to stomp all over people when they're struggling. He came 2nd in the iTT to Dowsett who had an incredible ride. Illness, not on form, anxiety, whatever it is he should be supported. He's british and our first Tour de France winner.

posted by Abbie [58 posts]
17th May 2013 - 9:08


Jonomc wrote:
Faster than he did!

What was his excuse for the time trial? -absolutely bone dry, rode like it was his first time on a bike!

Illness doesn't make you slow down the hills.

I'm pretty sure he came second by 10 seconds, after suffering a puncture which probably took off 20 seconds of his time.

Rode like it was his first time on a bike? Fuck off.

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posted by YorkshireMike [92 posts]
17th May 2013 - 9:18


'What was his excuse for the time trial? -absolutely bone dry, rode like it was his first time on a bike!'

Bloody hell - second in a Grand Tour time trial, riding like your first time on a bike? Hats off to him. He obviously has some serious talent to post that time whilst riding like that.

Either that, or you haven't got a clue.

posted by andyp [1368 posts]
17th May 2013 - 9:57



I was wrong, it's the rain not the hills (proof above) it'll all be fine (unless he wants to race in Britain this year)

posted by Jonomc [25 posts]
17th May 2013 - 10:40

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Fol de rol.

posted by The Rumpo Kid [590 posts]
17th May 2013 - 13:00

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Yorkshire Mike sums things up nicely. Some on here clearly have no idea about the levels required to be a pro-cyclist or possibly have never ridden a bike (or for that matter had a chest infection).


posted by arrieredupeleton [586 posts]
17th May 2013 - 13:37


Well done to Christain Knees yesterday pulling Wiggo back to the rest of the team (sans Uran in the lead pack) then trying to cut his losses. Great team work in action.

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer, I spat out Plath and Pinter.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1708 posts]
17th May 2013 - 14:30


I felt he was being a bit disrespectful to Froome by saying he wanted to make another attempt at the tour and I think as far as the Giro is concerned he should have kept quiet and done what he could, pride always comes before a fall! Hopefully he'll be better soon, riding for Froome in the tour and we will seen another british 1&2 on the podium!

posted by Cycle_Jim [282 posts]
17th May 2013 - 15:51


It's a shame he hasn't got Dr Leinders with him on the team this year. As DB said you need a guy like him on the team to keep the riders well and safe. I think we just witnessed Brad's wheels fall off because he hasn't got that proper support that he had last year.

Oh and it turns out swimming coaches aren't that good at helping get over descending problems? Who knew?!

posted by Veronique [4 posts]
17th May 2013 - 16:04


I'm not sure Leinders would have helped in this Giro's weather - Wiggo's susceptible to the cold, always has been. Nothing to be ashamed of, Fignon couldn't cope with those kinds of conditions either.
I'm pretty sure the wheels haven't fallen off - in fact I'd go so far as to say that's a ridiculous thing to say. There's not a clean rider in the world who could contest a GC with a chest infection.

As for the snipe at Kerrison - with his coaching expertise, Sky have not one, not two, not even three - but four riders capable of seriously challenging for Grand Tour GCs. Wiggo's descending woes have nothing to do with his coaching - they're all in his head. So pass that one to their resident psychologist, Steve Peters, to work out. It happens to almost every rider - you take a tumble, you sometimes get the jitters. Takes a while to iron it back out again.

A setback happens and people just resort to daft black and white comments. Wiggo's washed up! Sky are doing it all wrong!
Christ. Gain a little perspective.

posted by bashthebox [762 posts]
17th May 2013 - 17:16


What a pile of shite.

The first british rider to win the tour de france is a washed up has been 10 months later?


posted by stepho [102 posts]
17th May 2013 - 18:28

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Well, the post got everyone talking anyway!

posted by SimpleSimon [114 posts]
17th May 2013 - 22:20


it got some people talking, and some grunting (as they are incapable of logical thought). Away to the Daily Mail, lads.

posted by andyp [1368 posts]
18th May 2013 - 8:32


He's still a legend!

posted by pcb24 [4 posts]
18th May 2013 - 9:16

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its not he is ill, its he is crap and needs a team to wrap him up in cotton wool and deliver him over the finish line.

chest infection my arse.

posted by Lost faith in t... [120 posts]
18th May 2013 - 10:08

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Fuck me. Do you call yourself a cycling fan? The ignorance contained within that sentiment is incredible.

posted by bashthebox [762 posts]
18th May 2013 - 11:29

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Brilliant. What an imbecile.

posted by andyp [1368 posts]
18th May 2013 - 11:52

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yes im a cycling fan but obviously not a wiggins fan Smile

He would of not stood a chance winning last years tour if it was not for other riders in his team AND the course being his favour as it was very tt orientated.

froome deserved to win the tour more and deffinately deserves the chance to go at this years tour, unfortunately it looks like it will be wiggins again and i would happily bet that he stuggles this year like he has in the giro wether it is "illness" influenced or not.

just because you dont understand someones opinion does not make them an imbecile. if this was the case, i would call you all imbeciles Wink

now play nice and dont make things personal when someone disagrees with your bandwagon Smile

posted by Lost faith in t... [120 posts]
18th May 2013 - 12:31

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'froome deserved to win the tour more'

in what way? he wasn't even the best rider on his team.

'just because you dont understand someones opinion does not make them an imbecile'

agreed. Saying a multiple Olympic gold medallist and the current Tour de France champion is 'crap', does.

posted by andyp [1368 posts]
18th May 2013 - 14:02

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I understand your opinion, but it's about as valid as your spelling.

Cycling is a team sport; no one wins a grand tour on their own. Yes last year's TDF did indeed play into Wiggo's hands with the long TTs, and yes Froome was better on the very steep climbs, but there's no guarantee he'd have taken more than three minutes out of Wiggo on them - but of course one can debate that until the cows come home.
Simple fact is that Wiggo was the leader for Sky, so Froome was riding for him. It's the way it works in cycling - there's endless discussion over this rider being capable of beating that rider down the years - Lemond and Hinault is a famous example.
To not have Wiggo lead last year with those TTs would just be daft.

Why is illness in inverted commas?

As you mention, Froome does deserve his chance at this year's TDF - and Sky have confirmed he'll be their leader. If Wiggo goes, he's a hell of a plan B. Will be very interesting to see what happens.

posted by bashthebox [762 posts]
18th May 2013 - 14:03

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2nd in the TT and dont forget he also had to swap bikes for the puncture, so not a bad effort at all really.

Wiggins has his faults for sure, but washed up ? Dont think so. Everyone has highs and lows. He'll be back at some point, like him or loathe him.

Je vie dans l'espoir constant

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posted by Strathlubnaig [115 posts]
18th May 2013 - 20:59

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The TdF was always going to be 'interesting' from a Sky point of view. Now thats just increased.

posted by Super Domestique [1686 posts]
18th May 2013 - 21:02

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Andy p :

in what way - well he was a better rider than wiggins on most days bar the TT, if he wasnt having to help wiggins up most of this hills he would of more than likely had a better overall time than wiggins.

yes he has medals for tt which he is impressive in as most people cant get near him.

your right wiggins is the current tdf champion and there a lot of people that jump on the bandwagon thinking he is amazing because his team won it for him although they cant see that.

it just reminds me of the whole lance bangwagon, obviously now things have changed with that one.
He has only won 1 tour, there are far better riders in the pro peleton who have a much higher ability imo and would be able to win more tours with less of a team.

but hey im an imbicile with no cycling knowledge..... Wink

Bashthebox :

agreed my spelling isnt the best so i apologise for that as i genuinly hate it when people post on forums and use text talk for exammple.

but i agree with the whole - there will always be debate. . i put inverted commas in the illess as i personally dont beileve that is the main reason for his sub par results that people expected, he hasnt been riding that great in general in most races this season APART from his tt - as i already mentioned not many people will get close to him in those races.

i just think its an easy cop out to protect him and all his "long serving" fans....

This is an online forum where there are meant to be discussions on topics, its not great when people make it personal calling others imbiciles, so im glad at least some people were able to continue with the discussion which deffinately makes it a more interesting read than other people (some would call them imbiciles apparantly)

also at the moment it looks like there is still speculation regarding the whole - wiggins defending/supporting froome

"Wiggins, who was speaking as he left the Team Sky hotel in Teviso, did not elaborate on whether he would be returning to full strength to support Chris Froome, Sky's designated leader for the Tour, or whether he saw mounting a defence as being a realistic prospect."

taken from road cc. sky have said from most articles that i can see that they have taken him out of the giro team so he is fit for the tour, but i havent seen anything from sky saying that he will be defending it.

although this might change soon.

posted by Lost faith in t... [120 posts]
19th May 2013 - 11:24


I'm still not sure what your criticism of Wiggins is though.
Sky ride the GTs on the basic of driving the peloton so hard that it's really difficult to attack and take time off them. This suits a rider like Wiggins because he doesn't have that explosive climb of a Nibali or Contador. Could Froome have take more than 3 minutes out of Wiggins on the climbs? Honestly, who knows? It's pure speculation. Nibali couldn't, and he's an incredible climber. The gentler slopes of last year's TDF obviously played into Wiggo's hands; he was able to diesel up them and get back on any attacks. He turned out to be the best rider for that tour.
I'll be honest, I was sceptical over Wiggo's ability to handle the steeper gradients of the Giro. It's a shame we weren't able to see him perform at his best, but I'd wager Nibbles would have come out on top anyway; with so many 20% ramps and technical descents, there's just too many opportunities to lose time. For the same reason, I can't see Sky changing their leadership for the Tour. Froome is better on the steep ramps and attacking on the long climbs, and this year's TDF has more high mountains than ever - and fewer TTs of course. As I said, Wiggo's hardly a bad plan B to have, is he?

Still, I must pull you up on questioning his illness. Wiggo lost minutes on a flat stage before pulling out, when he was previously still in a podium position. He was obviously ill. When has Wiggins ever been dropped on the flat? The man loves his history, and he's a hell of a competitor. He's not going to drop out of a race just like that.

posted by bashthebox [762 posts]
19th May 2013 - 12:43

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He would of not stood a chance winning last years tour if it was not for other riders in his team AND the course being his favour as it was very tt orientated.

No rider could win a GT on their own, no matter what the parcours. To say so is utterly stupid, cycling (certainly at that level) is 100% a team sport.

As for targeting it, of course they did. Sky knew that course was the best thing for Wiggins in years. Same as when GB targeted the World Champs for Cav, they knew they weren't going to get a better sprinters course in probably 10 years.

Sky's strength (and their weakness) is putting all their eggs in one basket, usually a Wiggins shaped one. He's their star rider but they really need to adapt a bit better to developing conditions on the ground. Not pull Uran back for example. They did the same in the Tour a couple of years ago when they pulled Geraint Thomas back (G at the time was 4th overall and wearing White Jersey). By pulling the whole team back for what proved to be a futile cause, they lost the lot.

But career finished? Certainly not. He'll recover. And to anyone slagging off his riding, he could ride a unicycle and still annihilate any typical club cyclist. Pros are in a totally different league. Your toughest climb? They'd be in the 53. Your fastest descent? They'd be 5 minutes quicker than you without even trying.

posted by crazy-legs [637 posts]
19th May 2013 - 17:19

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