£0 to spent, but what bike to buy?

by bikeboy76   May 16, 2013  

Hi, not new to the site but would like to know your suggestions for what bike to buy. My budget is £0.00. I would like something light and favour carbon as that is my current bike. I've hear a lot of talk about steel and titanium but don't see how the extra weight can be worth it. I want to do sportives and something in black would be kuwel.

I am also thinking if I should just get some new aero wheels instead, perhaps that might a be a quick and cheap performance improver. I have nothing to spend on wheels, any suggestions?

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I really think you should go with titanium, with a Zipp carbon disc on the back and 80mm deep sections on the front.

All that will come to a grand total of £0.99p, but I guess that's WAY outside of your budget....Also, get a bike fit Wink

ON a NON joking side, EVERYONE has to start somewhere, but the amount of "I'M NEW - WHAT BIKE" posts does get a little annoying, you just have to give the best advice you can for the situation people have outlined. Not everyone has money burning a whole in their pocket to buy fancy bikes and components. I sure as hell don't.

For example, there was a post today, the £200 one. To do a coast to coast on a bike that costs £169.99 and most likely weights more than my trike is MENTAL, but if that's all he/she has to spend, that's what they have to work with.

I will say one thing, starting out life as a roadie on a HEAVY ass bike, will make you a stronger rider and get fitter that little quicker....either that or you will pack it in after a week Devil Devil

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16th May 2013 - 1:20


A BSO is a somewhat do or die approach to cycling.

That said, we all started somewhere. I took up cycling on a cheapo bmx in the early 80's. Then in the mid80's started mtbing on a heavy bike with only 5 gears and an interesting combo of sidepull brakes and steel rims. It made braking more of an option than a certainty.

It got me hooked rather than put me off.

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16th May 2013 - 8:10


Well if you're after carbon then pop to the stationery cupbard and 'borrow' one of these:

For wheels you could try asking someone who has brought a couple of Mr Kipling pies for their lunch for the foil trays. If you flatten them they are very, very aero. FACT. Well, I guess it is because I read it on a forum somewhere...

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16th May 2013 - 9:32



Try the local landfill or recycle center. See if the LBS has some free ones

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16th May 2013 - 10:42


If you are new to the world of road cycling, it's better to post on a forum full of enthusiasts and visit a site with plenty of consumer reviews, than just going down to local supermarket, halfords or wherever and picking up a BSO.

Yes some some of the questions and ensuing debate can get tiresome, but if you don't like it, you don't have to read it or contribute!

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16th May 2013 - 14:21


Ha, very good BB76 (maybe that should be a new bottom bracket standard?!)

The thing is, cycling doesn't have to be that expensive, but in order to do that, you need the knowledge to pick up some random retro frame on ebay and the bits to go with it. I looked at the £200 thread and tried to formulate an answer to help out, but ultimately if you don't have the knowledge, you're going to need to spend at least some cash. I reckon I could get through a c-2-c on a £500 bike (new, that is), just about. Definitely so with £700 to spend.

Even then though, you'd be lucky to get change from £200 for the helmet (let's not debate it), shoes, pedals, couple of pairs of shorts and a jersey, let alone wet weather gear etc.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

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16th May 2013 - 15:15


I think a Road.cc gadget show challenge on the cards.....

You know where they try and get the best items for X amount of cash.....Obviously we are not going out and buying the items.

Lets just say £300....A week and see what you can find?

SO look on ebay for finished auctions or ones that are finishing soon, remember and save the links, because I will need proof.

This is about BUILDING a bike, not just buying one, so you'll need a frame, wheels, groupo and handlebars. Don't worry about cables and a saddle....Who's in?

I'll set up a thread for it soon and we'll see the bargains that can be had Wink

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16th May 2013 - 19:20


Love the idea of a (dare I name them) 'top gear' style challenge, £300 to 3 road.cc writers, 1 week to assemble and 5 challenges to complete!

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16th May 2013 - 20:30


That's a good idea

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16th May 2013 - 20:39


Great idea, a variant on the LFGSS ebay finds thread which has run and run and run, heading for its 1000th sub page

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16th May 2013 - 21:22

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£300 would be no problem, getting the post to deliver within a week is a bigger challenge!

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16th May 2013 - 21:33


Well done if you realized this was a parody post. I hope GK's challenge runs and runs so I can take credit. Devil

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16th May 2013 - 23:38


SD wrote:
It made braking more of an option than a certainty.

lol and like Cool


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