Weather, Wiggins and grip

by bikeboy76   May 13, 2013  

So looking at the weather report for the north of Italy for the next week, it is not looking very good for Wiggins, wet, wet, wet:

Lewis Hamilton had some grip issues in Spain on sunday driving his motorized carriage having started second in a big prize race, he ended up twelth, perhaps this might be Brad's fate unless he finds some more steel on the descents.

Seeing riders slide out of corners for 10 metres shows just how slick it is; one thing I will say for the rutted potholed roads of the UK, they might not be smooth but at least they are grippy in the wet.

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You sure about that? It's not often anyone I know comes into corners at 50mph, least of all in the wet. Think our dodgy roads would be worse - skittering off the bumps in the wet, you'd slip even easier.

posted by bashthebox [762 posts]
13th May 2013 - 22:39


Well maybe a cycle lane turned into a gravel bank might be a bit tricky, but there aren't too many mountains on the way to work.

Still the rain is not good for his chances.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1760 posts]
13th May 2013 - 23:26


I think the fact he is behind should make it really interesting in the hills now. Sky are really going to have to push it, especially on the uphill finishes to try and make time back on Nibali, cos unless something clicks pretty quick he's not going to make time anywhere else.

posted by Simon sandman [2 posts]
14th May 2013 - 6:46


Plus if it's that bad, being conservative might not be a bad thing, you don't win anything if you crash out with a broken collar bone. Might play into the hands of Henao or Uran?

posted by Simon sandman [2 posts]
14th May 2013 - 6:51