What to do with old tyres?

by MrBLH   May 13, 2013  

I seem to be hoarding old bike tyres, I feel bad just for binning them and think they may be useful at some point. I know its not the same but car tyre disposal is paid for as I assume they are not just put them into landfill.

So, does anyone have any inventive uses for old tyres?

Shed roof waterproofing?
Child proofing sharp corners?
Loops in garage to hang bikes from?
Sell 2nd hand to turbo training masochists?

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Give them to someone who upcycle's them and makes things. If you go to the Road.cc shop, you can see examples.

I've just loaded a box of old chains, cassettes, chain rings and inner tubes to send off to someone who makes things from them

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13th May 2013 - 18:57