I ordered some tubular cement from Evans, and received a aluminium rim cement, made by Contintal.
My rims are carbon though, would it be ok to use the cement supplied, or should I get a carbon specific one?


the_mikey [164 posts] 5 years ago

Taken from the Conti-online.com website:

Aluminium rim cement for tubulars.

The aluminium rim cement for tubulars, in the typical continentalyellow packaging, has proven itself for decades. Generations of racing cyclists and mechanics rely on this cement. Maximum safety is achieved with high adhesive strength and good processability, the most important aspect of cemented tyres.

The classic bead guarantees a perfect fit and the application is conventional. However, processing differs entirely from that of the carbon cement, so please always pay attention to the application information for aluminium rim cement .

Carbon rim cement for tubulars.

Carbon rim cement for tubulars, in a black packaging, was specifically designed for increased thermal strain and the particular properties of the surface of carbon. The unfavourable heat dissipation of carbon softens conventional cement, particularly during long descents, which means that the tyre may become detached from the rim.

The carbon cement, which has been especially developed for carbon rims, remains hard even at high temperatures.

Note: It is essential to pay attention to the application instructions for carbon rim cement !

notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

I wondered if this was going to be an off-topic discussion about DIY.