I have been eagerly looking forward to the release of the new Cateye Stealth 50 GPS unit because it seems to offer everything I've been looking for (Strava-friendliness, heartrate/cadence measurement etc) in a neat-loooking and affordable package.

It is now available and I was actually looking for the best place to buy it this morning when I noticed a write-up on some website or other which said it struggled to communicate with Macs in the UK (although it had no such problems in the US and Japan, allegedly).

Can anyone tell me whether this is true or not? Sounds unlikely to me but it would be a deal-breaker if it really is the case. I suppose then I'd have to decide what else to go for... a Garmin 500 or 510 I guess.

Would appreciate any advice - and first impressions - from people who've already got the Cateye.