My first century

by Amos   May 9, 2013  

This weekend I'm taking part in my first century, I've done a plenty of metric centuries in the past and did the Isle of Wight Randonee. I'm not worried about my fitness that's pretty good, I'm just nervous about the distance! It is called the Hampshire Hilly Hundred which is doing nothing to quell my fears. I will be concentrating on pacing myself but I do have a tendancy to chase people down...

Any other tips welcome!

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Sounds like you are easily capable, just make sure you take on enough energy and fluids to see you through the last few miles. Flapjacks, Soreen, gels, energy bars, whatever works for you.

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9th May 2013 - 8:40



and don't get over-excited at the start and tire yourself out unnecessarily, and rather than chase people down use them to your advantage by drafting them (don't forget to take your turn at the front though) or chatting to them (if they want to be chatted to that is), both will make the miles go past quicker and easier

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9th May 2013 - 9:28


and remember for every uphill there is a downhill lol, good luck Big Grin

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9th May 2013 - 9:41


I think they have covered most of it above other than enjoy it you'll feel good about it in the end.

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posted by cidermart [490 posts]
9th May 2013 - 10:54


Good advice above. I grew up in Hampshire so it's fairly hilly but they're not that long. Winchester Hill is quite tough though and I think you do it after about 90k just before you get to the A32. From the direction you're doing it it has quite a fast and twisty descent before you reach the main road as well. Looking at the overall route it's going to be up and down most of the way so if you're a bit worried do pace yourself at the beginning and DON'T go chasing people or doing interval training! Eat lots of carbs the night before so your muscles are full of glycogen in the morning and remember to eat regularly as you go, although, in my experience, it's not a good idea to overdo the eating as well and I tend to stick to water rather than sports drinks as I find too much sugar isn't a great idea.

Living in Cambridge I don't get to go up many hills normally so I envy you the chance to see some great views and if you don't know the area it is beautiful! Quiet roads and classic Southern English rolling countryside. (As a Hampshire boy the best there is!) Get some good weather and it'll be a fantastic day! If I can fit it into my schedule somehow I might do it next year, I think.

In any case let us all know how it goes and I'm sure you'll be fine.

posted by Alan Tullett [1578 posts]
10th May 2013 - 0:07


all of the above..i done my first century last weekend and whilst i wont say it was easy it wasn't as difficult as i thought....good luck

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posted by joc [75 posts]
10th May 2013 - 4:11


Thanks for all the encouragement! Gatorskins now fitted as the weather is looking ropey now. Will report back to let you know how it went

posted by Amos [44 posts]
10th May 2013 - 9:11


im doing the Wiltshire 100 in September Cool

Experience is how life catches up with us and teaches us to love and forgive each other

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12th May 2013 - 13:38


Completed my first century yesterday! It was extremely hilly but never the less completed in 6:38. Would of liked to have been under the 6 hour mark but my ride buddy was really suffering badley with cramp quite early on, he did recover well though. Been on a reco very ride today and feeling pretty good. Now need to find another more local century!

posted by Amos [44 posts]
13th May 2013 - 13:31