I purchased a cube sl cross race 2011 flat bar road bike last year and generally the spec was pretty good for the cost of the bike.

I am debating whether to upgrade the wheels but don't know enough about the subject to make a decision! The wheel set currently comprises of:-

Rims: Alex EN24 V-Brake
Front Hub: Shimano Ultegra HB-6700
Rear Hub: Shimano Ultegra FH-6700
Spokes: DT Swiss Competition 2.0-1.8-2.0 black

If I were to upgrade do I have to buy the wheel as a complete wheel set or can I purchase the rims separately and get a local bike shop to make the wheel up using the existing ultegra hubs?

The subject is a bit of a minefield so any guidance would be helpful!


Simon E [3299 posts] 5 years ago

There are several ongoing discussions on here about wheel upgrades. The comments would apply to your hybrid as the Ultegra hubs are the same width as those on road bikes (and very good, BTW).

You haven't indicated a budget and I would venture that you're not really sure you want new wheels. Can you borrow/try a pair? You could then see what difference they make (if any).

If you want a shop to build your hoops then I suggest you go to them for advice and buy the parts from them too. Or get them to lace some decent rims onto those nice hubs.

scrumdown15 [5 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice, I am keen to upgrade so like the idea of getting some decent rims laced to the existing hub set. There is a good local bike shop near to me so I will call by and see what they recommend.