New Cycle Computer

by SirAlwynTheSecond   October 28, 2008  

R.I.P trek cycle computer

Which means I now need a nice, shiny, new one. I would like it last, be able to take timing and averages. If possible to link with me Timex Ironman heart rate monitor but this is not that important.

I'm also a poor student so it has to be cheap.

Any recommendations?

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How cheap does it have to be? Give us a range to shoot at. In the meantime, I'd say you can't really go wrong with any of the Sigmas - think you should get all that you want in terms of functions right across their range - though I'm not sure about whether you'll find one to link with your Timex heart rate monitor - did your Trek do that?


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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
28th October 2008 - 22:29


No my trek one didn't do it. I don't even know if they make ones that do, it would be helpful if they did. I reckon up to £100 but preferably less. I will have a look at Sigams.

What are the Cateyes like, I see a lot of them around.

posted by SirAlwynTheSecond [6 posts]
29th October 2008 - 11:49


best one i've used (I have 3 of them now on different bikes) is the wireless Cateye Strada.

posted by the-yorkshire-p... [180 posts]
29th October 2008 - 13:12