Ok, decided that I have well and truely left mountain biking behind and so have decided to get rid of my SIDI Dragon 2 SRS Carbon MTB shoes. THESE, in black/black, size 45.

USED but IMMACULATE. Hardly used due to a SEVERE lack of interest last year (bought them late June '08 and used a handful of times).

Currently £225 at CRC  13

IDEALLY, would love to do a swap for a pair of SIDI ERGO 2 Carbon Vernice in either the RED, WHITE or BLACK (in that order!), THESE, same size (45)

Anyone interested??

Ooh, meant to add, as a deal sweetner I will included a pair of XTR M970 spds with my shoes (inc 'nearly'new' cleats). The pedals are 'used' and so have scratches, nothing serious, just run of the mill MTB pedal type marks. Bearings are fine in the pedals.