3/4 length bib shorts.

by stumps   May 5, 2013  

I'm after a new pair of 3/4's after my last pair finally gave up on me. Checked the usual ebay and on-line shops but cant find anything i'm happy with taking into account the price.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Looking at about £40 - 50 max.

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wiggle have DHB for that price - I have the full tights and they are great value.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
5th May 2013 - 19:47

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Try DHB from Wiggle. Try them on at home and send them back free of charge if needed.

posted by ZabaZabaHey [14 posts]
5th May 2013 - 19:57


I'm loving my Shutt Velo Rapide ones, which admittedly are £99 but have been as low as 60 recently.

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posted by KiwiMike [948 posts]
5th May 2013 - 20:00

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+1 for the DHB. I've done many miles in their 3/4 bib tights and love them. Great all rounder's, good quality, great price.

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posted by SounDaz_7 [48 posts]
5th May 2013 - 20:22


Another thumbs up for the DHB vaeons. I love my Rapha classic bib shorts, and the DHBs are so very close in terms of comfort. They both use Cytech pads and a good weight of fleece Lycra. And as ZZH said, they do free returns.

posted by ade [85 posts]
5th May 2013 - 20:33


If you are an extra large in Castelli (i.e. Large in anything else) these have 40 quid off to come in on your budget. I managed to get the last pair of large the other day and they are great quality and fit.


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posted by stuke [356 posts]
5th May 2013 - 21:06

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Cheers folks looks like the dhb ones are going on my shopping list.

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posted by stumps [3238 posts]
5th May 2013 - 21:51

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