Hand Washing Bib Shorts

by bbrrww   September 16, 2009  

Hello everyone Smile

To cut a long story short: I've been banned from using the washing machine and have been told to start hand washing my cycling gear.

I have some bib shorts and a few jerseys that I need to wash but I'm not entirely sure how to go about this... Does anyone have any help or advice for me? It's probably very simple but I'm really worried about damaging anything...



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Follow directions on washing powder box for how much to use.

Make sure that you really rinse your kit through you don't want any nasty reactions.

Ask if you can use the machine to spin your stuff as otherwise it will take ages for your stuff to dry and padded shorts are probably best not screwed up to wring out the water.

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16th September 2009 - 14:22


Big Grin Buy flowers, buy chocolate and beg alot to be allowed to use the washer!


posted by DCRider [19 posts]
16th September 2009 - 14:28

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Or buy a cheap washer for the bikeshed! Had mine 20 years now.

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16th September 2009 - 21:59


What reason does your other half have for banning you from the washing machine?

Is this muddy mountain bike kit, in which case it is best not to put it through the washing machine, as it does trash it pretty quickly.

If it's just sweaty road gear, I really cannot imagine the reason to not use the washing machine.

As far as washing your gear by hand, I only use pure soap flakes on any of my cycling clothes, melt the flakes first in some hot water before adding cold water to make it luke warm, and as said above, once the kit is clean rinse it several times in clean cool water to make sure all traces of soap are gone.
If you can't use the spin cycle on the washing machine(you really do need to have a word with your missus!), then just roll your shorts up in a dry towel, and give it a few slaps, it takes most of the water out, and allows them to dry on the line a lot quicker - a good trick for when your on a long tour and need to wash and re-wear the same shorts the next day.

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16th September 2009 - 22:48


LOL they think that you are married to your mum. Thats rough

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16th September 2009 - 22:55


Thanks Big Grin I'll give it a go as soon as I can... I'll have to go pick up some soap flakes by the sound of it.

Just for the record it's my mum who's banned me from using the washing machine.. (I'm on a gap year atm) I think washing gear every couple of days probably seemed like a waste of water or something along those lines...

Thanks for the wifey comments anyway Tongue gave me a good laugh.

Cheers again Smile

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16th September 2009 - 23:49


still flowers and chocs won't go amiss anyway Nerd

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20th September 2009 - 19:34

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