This is a very light, very strong & very stiff road frame by Quest of Harrow. It comes complete with a carbon fork (uncut!) & Campagnolo Chorus headset. The tubing is light, strong & stiff SC7 butted Scandium, still the preferred choice of many top riders.

Size is 'Small' but see the diagram for more size details. The frame is in very good condition, with just one minor blemish on the top tube which you won't see when riding the bike. The frame has never been ridden – an unfinished project that I didn't complete.

A bargain at £200

Photos and geometry here :



toothache90 [41 posts] 5 years ago

hi Neilwheel,
i'm interested in the frame but dont know much about Quest or have seen any info on internet.
- what size seatpost does it take?
- do you know frame & fork weight are either separately or together

I take its an English thread? you can email me at toothache90 [at] hotmail.com

neilwheel [133 posts] 5 years ago


I was just about to weigh it for you, but the batteries in my scales are flat, so I'll get some tomorrow and post the actual weights.
'Quest' is the in-house brand of The Bike Shop Harrow (http://www.questbikes.co.uk/). The frame is Taiwan-built. The fork is about 380 grammes uncut, but the bit of the steerer to be chopped off will probably lessen that a good bit. The frame is around 1300grammes, maybe less, but that's including paint, gear hanger, bolt, BB guide etc (the bits manufacturers leave out when making product weight claims). It's about as light as you'd get in an alu frame. A Chorus headset is about 100 grammes.

The seatpost size is 27.2mm, so no problems finding a match there.

BTW, I also have a set of carbon-wrapped bars & stem (10cm) (also from Quest) if you're interested.

neilwheel [133 posts] 5 years ago


Weight of frame & fork, inc. headset, spacers, bolts, seat clamp, adjusters, etc. is 1550grammes; lighter than I thought!