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by sm   May 4, 2013  

Wiggins is on page nine of riders when sorted by popularity. What criteria is this search performing? Any ideas? I would have expected all of the players with a P next to their name to be at the top.

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GOOD question...and is it based on the team page you have selected (purist or standard)???

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posted by adholman [86 posts]
4th May 2013 - 7:25

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Popularity rankings will change once the first stage is locked in, otherwise you'd be able to see the most popular picks for stage 1.

The popularity values in there now are carried over from the last completed race, the Tour de Romandie.

posted by drheaton [3429 posts]
4th May 2013 - 9:25


Thanks for clarifying Dr. A useless sort feature for me playing as a purist - not that I should be following the crowds anyway!

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posted by sm [355 posts]
4th May 2013 - 9:57