Some of you may have seen my 'dilemma'posta month or so ago, very briefly when my insurance payout (hopefully!) comes through I will be in the market for a new bike, most likely I will end up riding carbon bike in the 2.5 - 3k range.

I am constantly drawn back to looking at a custom steel frame, Ricky Feather is based nearby as is Arthur Caygil, very much old and new skool.

I like my bikes fast and to handle, comfort is important but I'd take the former if I could only have one of those!

Should a steel beauty be left as a 40th birthday present when it really will be a bike for life?

Would love to hear from those who have gone from a 'good' carbon bike to steel - both positive and negative!


spongebob [279 posts] 5 years ago

They look pretty grim

Not the frame, it's a work of art but the whole thing just looks wrong.

Mixk40 [19 posts] 5 years ago

I had a 2k carbon bike and last year invested in a bike fit with a view to upgrading into the 3k + range . After the bike fit I found it all most impossible to get an off the shelf bike that could be made to fit me. (long arms - not that I drag my knuckles !!!) if I had gone to the professional size frame (they come in half sizes) I could have got one but at 4k + fit out they were out of my price range !!! So I ended up going for a steel frame (Waterford USA) with a high end fit out by a local bike shop (which came highly recommended) hand built wheels , carbon bars, 11 speed etc total wt (incl pedals ) is 7.5 kg and it's fast very fast on the first run out it shaved 12 mins of my best time on my short 43 mile training route. ! And that was while I was still working my way throught the gears (11 speed) and using single sided road pedals (after SPD's)
I love it !!! But I would recommend that you have a bike fit then work out if you can buy a bike that fits or not and go from there ! Steel frames have come a long way and if I had fited carbon wheels then it would have been just under the 7kg mark
Not as twitchy in a cross wind as the carbon frame and (because of the perfect fit to me. ) 100 + rides are comfortable in terms of position etc
Which evert way you go injoy !!

thebungle [104 posts] 5 years ago

That does look very wrong, as do several of the other Continental builds.