Hello all,

Have a question about the garmin edge 800, specifically about the courses.

I create my courses using Garmin Basecamp, but nowhere on the program can i see a way to change the average speed i want for the course (for use with Virtual partner)

From the info page on the route on basecamp, where it gives the distance and expected time, it always works out as about 22.3km/h, yet when i click the info button for the course on my garmin it shows the speed at 19.3 km/h.

Ideally I try and average between 28-30 km/h, so does anyone know how to change this default speed?

Many thanks


bazzargh [152 posts] 4 years ago

When I've wanted to do stuff like that, I've either used http://www.gpsies.com (which lets you choose an overall speed), or just written a script to alter the timings myself (to do something more realistic, like take my real interval times and go a fraction faster)