Time for a new tyre?.

by andycoventry   May 2, 2013  

Is it time to replace my tyres?

My Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres have started to shred on the tyre wall (see photo), this appears to be wear and tear not as a result of any damage.

Has anyone else had this problem? and is this cosmetic or momemts away from a blow out does anyone know?.

I run these tyres at 120psi and so far they have been brilliant other than this.

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How long or should I say how many miles have you done on them? I had these in the mix for my next replacements and this may put them to the bottom of the pile..

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posted by stealfwayne [121 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 8:10


I've been running the ZX Ultremo's for the past year and have had exactly the same problem. Actually I've had two problems in addition to the outrageous number of punctures that I've experienced.

The first is just as your tyre with fraying from the side wall. I try and cut these off rather that pull them.

The other problem is with small cuts to the area between the centre reinforced section and the sidewall. It looks like it's just about to burst. Definately not damage because they are so regular around the tyre.

I'm pretty disappointed with the tyre to be honest. It's nice and light, grips well and looks good but is clearly not very durable. My tyres have only done around 1,000 miles.

I've just swapped to some Bontrager R2's which seem to be much more durable. They are a touch heavier though.

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posted by Velodan68 [3 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 8:18


Well they must have done about 2500ish miles. So far I have had no punctures on them (touches lots of wood) and there are very few nics in either the front or rear, none of which more than surface damage - hence why I think they are brilliant. Debating whether to go and get the same again (sigma have them at £25 at the moment)

posted by andycoventry [120 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 8:27


A couple of weeks ago, this happened.

Tyres have done around 2,000 miles and I was happy with them but I still prefer the GP4000S for overall "feel" on the bike.

posted by druidh [6 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 8:45


I've got the Ultremo DDs (puncture protected version) and these threads coming out the side wall seems to happen to me too. I thought initially it was because I'd misaligned the brakes but it seems to be the way the tyres wear. So far I've kept riding them but I keep an eye on them to check nothing's getting worse

posted by pirnie [221 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 16:05


I've had the threads issue too after putting in only around 600 miles on them, agree it would be good to know if its only cosmetic.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 20:07


I had this same problem and the cotton threads from the carcass get wrapped around the hub and jockey wheels. Soon after I noticed big cracks appearing in the glued on tread.

I binned them and moved to using Vittoria.

posted by Old Cranky [278 posts]
3rd May 2013 - 15:36


Theres no way I'd ride on a tyre that looked like that with 120psi in it. I'd bin it and get something different before something bad happens.

posted by rockfield [68 posts]
3rd May 2013 - 15:53


I have changed them to be sure - I am now in correspondence with Schwalbe regarding the tyres - I do not think this is acceptable 'wear and tear' given the tyres have thousands of miles left in them.

Will wait and see what they say.......

posted by andycoventry [120 posts]
4th May 2013 - 11:26


I wrote a little piece about this sort of thing, too:


Turns out the cheap and cheerful Hutchinson Flash is actually pretty hard wearing!

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posted by PJ McNally [602 posts]
5th May 2013 - 6:31