Bike shipping courier recommendations?

by harbyharby   May 1, 2013  

Hi all,

Having to keep the better half happy and having a clear out, therefore possibly parting with two road bikes.

I may potentially need to ship if they don't sell locally.

Anyone recommend any decent couriers they've used before in the past? Don't want to to be too greedy and overcharge nor stitch myself up and charge too little.

Big thanks!

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I sent a £1300 road bike I sold on ebay with Paisley Freight. No issues whatsoever and decent price.

posted by cojones [13 posts]
1st May 2013 - 21:43


I can't speak highly enough of these guys, I shipped my trike from N/E Scotland right down to near Brighton for a sportive and it arrived perfectly even after my dodgy packing and I sent it back again after the sportive.

It was TNT who came and picked it up from me and shipped it on behalf of DCS, having priced it on TNT it would have cost me £78 with decent insurance, with DCS it cost me alot less, even with insurance. The only problem is, the value of the trike being WELL over their £3k limit. But I was alright with that.

NO issues are all. I wouldn't touch paisley with a barge pole from issues I've had in the past with them.

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posted by Gkam84 [9361 posts]
1st May 2013 - 22:31

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Thanks for the tips chaps!

posted by harbyharby [5 posts]
2nd May 2013 - 8:49


Ford ad-hoc (or one off) shipments Tuffnells
are best for handling bulky items like bikes according to this guide:

posted by ArnageTech [2 posts]
13th November 2014 - 14:18