Hi all,

It's around a month to go until I will be attempting the Wiggle Dragon ride for the first time and wondered if anyone on here has any experience of it and any tips on the climbs featured?

My training so far has been on the surrey hills but I would love to hear from anyone that has actually done some of the climbs featured on the dragon, bywch, black mountain, rhinos, etc.

Looking at them on STRAVA they seem a lot longer but not as steep as things like Leigh hill or white downs. I not the lightest of cyclists so find the high gradients tough but can get a good tempo going on the longer climbs.

I'm doing the grand fondo route so any help or tips would be great. Also any recommendations on nutrition for the ride would be good, not sure if food stops provided will be enough as feel I may be out there a long time!




dave atkinson [6370 posts] 5 years ago

they're mostly tempo climbs, apart from the devil's elbow which is pretty brutal. they're really long though by UK standards, black mountain especially (the first one) drags on for ages.

it was a long way from the first feed stop to the second (crai) last year and that caught a lot of people out, make sure you fill up with supplies and water at the first stop. assuming they're in the same place.

the food stops are fairly well stocked. you can usually rely on them to stop you from starving, they're a lot better than they used to be. i normally take a bunch of caffeine gels with me and neck one before each of the big climbs. it's a psychological boost if nothing else...

Cycle_Jim [264 posts] 5 years ago

I'm doing the Etape Cymru, don't know if any of the route overlaps. My friend has done it and said that the Horseshoe pass is everything that is to be hated in a hill.

Nutrition, I get on with a combo of high5s a couple of b'nanas and some soreen on long rides. I think the high5 4:1 drink stuff is pretty good in my opinion (no idea if it provides any performance boost but as dave said, psychological)

As a tip, the sachet's have some convenience over the bulk box of powder as you can take a couple out with you incase you get caught short on train rides, pop in a shop and grab a water bottle and mix it up  1 But I think its more cost friendly to buy bulk.

As 'they' make sure you know what's going to be stocked on the feeds (I'd imagine it is high5 if it's a wiggle event) and train using that so you know you get on with it. I don't get along with the isotonic tablet things personally so I know for future ref