Aldi or Lidl

by stumps   May 1, 2013  

A mate of mine has jsut bought a bike and was asking about clothing etc he needed. I cant remember if it was Aldi or Lidl that were releasing some more clothing on the 3rd May, can anyone help. Cheers.

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Lidls have some cycling clothing on sale at the moment, no idea about Aldi.

posted by Mikeh2000 [11 posts]
1st May 2013 - 4:48

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posted by shishman [88 posts]
1st May 2013 - 5:09


The £9.99 ultralight jacket looks like it might be OK. Better than the £130 most bike brands want.

I was told there would be Cake. Luckily there's

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posted by KiwiMike [631 posts]
1st May 2013 - 6:49

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I have one of the jackets and they are great but a bit 'boil in the bag'.

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posted by shishman [88 posts]
1st May 2013 - 7:02


Had jerses, arm and leg warmers from both all ok quality. Also worth checking they're ski equipment sales for base layers and winter socks

posted by crash144019 [47 posts]
1st May 2013 - 9:25


Think I'll go for the reclining sun lounger. Cool

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posted by TiNuts [95 posts]
1st May 2013 - 12:20