new to cycling and recently picked up one of these for 'peanuts'
went on first lengthy ride this weekend with some mates who have Specialized Allez, Boardman, Giant defy and a Bianchi. We all swapped bikes over the journey and pretty much everyone agreed that irrespective of the prices of these bikes, the Triban was the most fun to ride and pretty much had as good spec if not better than the others (especially the Allez)
These other bikes currently retail at £550 upwards.

What do you actually get for this, apart from a name?


andylul [410 posts] 4 years ago

Heard many horror stories about the rear wheel bearings on the Triban, but other than that there's not much to call between them, as you say.

In fact a journo mate of mine did a test on the Triban and liked it so much he bought it out of his own pocket (and he had the same bearing problems - has since upgraded wheels and brake blocks)

Stefano1970 [14 posts] 4 years ago

yep, changed the brake blocks and agree the wheels are not a strong point, but for the recreational use I want it for,(more into running) reckon you would have to spend £700+ to notice any real difference. It is certainly lighter than the Specialized and that doesn't have carbon forks.

Adey [86 posts] 4 years ago

bought one in feb (for a winter trainer) and more than pleased with the Triban 3
Keeps up and looks as good as 'the other' winter trainers in the clubruns and also attracts admiring comments from the other club members
Thing is.............. i'm REALLY starting to love this bike ahead of my Bianchi via nirone !!!  13
And (reaches for wood) the rims seem to be holding up nicely - seriously,the Triban 3 (for the bucks) is a fantastic bike  3