I've just bought a set of Carbone SL wheels with Continental GP4000s tyres (inflated to 110 psi). Just the ticket for club racing and time trialling. I notice that when up on the pedals to accelerate heavily (bike swinging from side to side), there is a creaking noise coming from the front wheel. When I don't accelerate as hard (i.e. not swinging from side to side), the noise almost disappears.

When sat in the saddle, there is no such noise, apart from the nice 'whoosh' of course :-). I weigh just under 87 kilos - could this be a contributing factor?

Is this noise normal or should I take the wheels back to the shop? I examined the wheels and I couldn't see any damage at all (rim sidewall, spokes, hub or carbon fairing).

Appreciate any and all comments from the community.


dodgy [237 posts] 5 years ago

I have the same wheels. Drop some oil (not too much, and *not* WD40/GT85 or similar consistency) onto each spoke as it enters the shield by the hub. Wipe away excess, then see if that cures it. You can do an even better job if you prise the cap off the hub, but I find dropping the oil onto the spokes is enough to deliver just the right amount of oil to stop the creaking/pinging sound.