Replace Tyre After Puncture?

by 02curtisb   April 27, 2013  

Hi All,

Ive had a look at some past topics but cant find anything. Ive just had a puncture from glass, replaced roadside and removed the glass but now there's a 2-3mm "slash" in the tyre. On closer inspection i noticed a few of these which look similar but just havent caused punctures. I ride Gatorskins which i guess are fairly tough, but should i be worried about these and replace? When properly inflated the "slashes" are small enough not to open up.
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Inflate to the pressure you run, then get a torch and spin the wheel slowly, looking for little nicks of glass, take the glass out and replace with a little super glue. It'll keep your tyres going a little longer.

Anything you can fit your pinky finger nail into, replace the tyre

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There is some other type of glue that someone was on about recently, a kiwi if i remember, who went a little more indepth about it stating that superglue was too hard and didn't give so not the best i shall have a look for it in the forum and post the link.

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Sir Velo

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wetsuit glue gets good reports

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E6000 was recommended to me; it's flexible so seems to work pretty well.

That said, if the carcass is damaged bin it!

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My front Gatorskin (28) has done 3500 miles+ over some awful city streets and country roads. It's had one puncture (from a direct edge hit on a massive shard of glass) but is otherwise absolutely pitted with cuts and holes, many of them millimiters wide / long, which have expanded over time.

I've never bothered glueing them, just tweezered out the glass and carried on.


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