my first road bike.which might you recommend?

by racefaceec90   September 14, 2009  

hello everyone,have just signed up here. i have been putting money towards a 2010 giant anthem x4 bike (which won't turn up until feb 2010.)but have been having second thoughts/thinking about a road bike instead.the shop (melksham cycle centre)sells bikes from specialized/giant,and i think they can order rocky mountain bikes also.i have been interested in the 2010 tarmac bikes elite/comp (do they both have the same frame?),tricross comp,and from giant 2010 tcr alliance bike £1450. i would like to use it for long distance riding (through all weathers/winter e.t.c.) when i can get some fitness. i can save up to £1900 at a push,but would prefer to pay around £1500. any advice would be most helpful. thank you for your time Big Grin p.s forgot to add charge bikes,i do like their new steel road bikes!!!

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if you're really interested in long distance and all-weather riding then personally i'd look past the lightweight race carbon and plump for something that's built for the job. if you're looking for a winter fitness machine then it needs mudguards, and i'd definitely size up to a 25mm tyre with a bit of puncture protection. overall weight isn't the primary concern, comfort and reliability are just as important.

the charge juicer sounds like it'd suit you down to a tee: classy steel mount with full 'guards and dependable kit. overall weight'll be a bit more than a carbon machine – probably 22lb as opposed to 19lb – but it's not really an issue if you're not racing, and it doesn't sound like that's on your agenda.

we haven't tested the juicer yet but we will soon.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7780 posts]
14th September 2009 - 11:18


thank you dave_atkinson for the moment i have an 08 s works carbon ht mtb.and for that reason (winter/wet weather) have been looking at road bikes.i must admit that i am quite taken with the charge juicer hi bike.i know that it will be heavy (relatively to the superlight carbon road missiles.)but would much rather have a good/reliable bike,than a tour de france machine (am not very fit at present.)thanks again. Big Grin

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14th September 2009 - 11:32

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i forgot to ask,how do you size road bikes?my stumpjumper is 17",am 5ft 5 inches tall,and i think my inside leg is around 31-32". Confused thanks.

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14th September 2009 - 12:06


Sounds like your starting point should be a 54cm road bike - that's the seat tube length measured centre to top, some manufacturers measure centre to centre… and some people say that the top tube length, (virtual for a compact) is actually more important on a road bike.

Here's a link to what the late, great Sheldon Brown has to say on the subject

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14th September 2009 - 13:18


thanks tony_farrelly.the shop doesn't have charge bike as stock,so would have to order it. i think that 54 cm would be the right size.will ask them though to be certain.

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14th September 2009 - 13:31