Cycling in France

by giff77   April 25, 2013  

Right, I somehow managed to be selected to join a band of intrepid cyclists making their way from Paris to London. So far the training is going ok. I commute and am averaging 200 miles per week on an 80 inch fixed wheel with a few wee extras tagged on. What I really need to know is. What can I do recovery wise between each day while on the road? Nutritionally etc. also, what can I expect on the French side from drivers etc as I have never cycled mainland Europe before. I know what to expect once I hit the shores of this green and pleasant land though Sad
thanks in advance.

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My experience is limited to Brittany but, there, drivers were *exceptionally* thoughtful & considerate to cyclists, though city centres (like anywhere) could be really manic.

posted by rJD [11 posts]
25th April 2013 - 21:20

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I'm doing London to Paris this year and the event guide/manual says to stock up on food at lunchtime as the evening meals are a 'bit basic'. Obviously this depends on the company organising the ride and the places you stay but it's worth being aware of. Stick a couple of Soreens in your luggage and chomp away on that as you go!

I've only ridden on the atlantic coast but generally roads are good so you spend less time scanning for pot holes and cracks than you do here, drivers on the most part are considerate and give you plenty of room and wait until it's safe to pass (probably because they don't have to dodge cyclists making last minute swerves to avoid 6" deep potholes)!

posted by cojones [13 posts]
26th April 2013 - 12:40

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I think a lot of shops still close for lunch so that's something to bear in mind if you need supplies in the middle of the day

posted by Sadly Biggins [271 posts]
26th April 2013 - 17:31

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I cycled in France for the first time last summer, only trouble I had was from a car with GB plates Sad

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posted by Crosshouses [271 posts]
26th April 2013 - 22:30

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Eat between 12 and 2. That's when the cafés will be open and the shops shut. Outside those hours it's the opposite. At least in the cantal (where I often visit) it is always true. The drivers are very considerate too. Best of luck.

posted by GREGJONES [250 posts]
27th April 2013 - 20:16