I am looking to add some nice components to a 2013 caad8 frame.

What I would like to know is: will the bottom bracket take a BB30?

Will the front mech clamp be 31.9?

And then any suggestions as to what groupset to stick on!

I am buying the £600 shimano 2300 version by the way.


mustard [73 posts] 5 years ago

From the look of the specs on the Cannondale site i don't think the 2300 has a BB30 shell, so no. But best thing to do is go to your lbs and ask them.

Do you have the nice components already? It would be cheaper to buy a higher model that already has them than to buy stuff separately - you'll not get the 'new' prices for the 2300 parts you take off if you want to sell them on, even if they are never used. If you can stretch to another £100 the Sora shifters will be much nicer.

Having just scanned through the range i'm guessing the issue might be you want a black colourscheme without going up to the 105?