Hi Guys -
i've made my mind up on a bike i like but need some help on the sizing of from you guys?.

its not actually in the shop i'm buying it but they're going to order it in for me, There's also no one who keeps Lapierre local to try it also.

Its a Lapierre Xelius - Here is the Link

I've had a bike fit done a while back and my ideal size frame is 567mm seat tube - Top tube length of 575mm.
I am 33 inch inside length and am 1m 82 tall (almost 6ft )
The frame comes in 55cm and 59cm sizes so the problem i have is that i fit in the middle of these 2 sizes.
i'm thinking that the 55cm would be best and just to put the seat up and maybe a slightly longer stem but i can't get my head around the fact that 55cm sounds so small ??

The 59cm sounds ok but the top tube length for this size seems awfully long too.

Any thoughts on this appreciated.


Gkam84 [9113 posts] 5 years ago

My thought, pick another bike. If you've had a bike fit done, you will have your measurements, why bother getting the fit if you aren't going to use it anyway?  39

SPAM Naval [139 posts] 5 years ago

Hi, if its any help, i'm 1m 80 and ride a Lapierre 55cm which fits me really well.
But as Gkam said, go with a bike that fits as your first priority