Helmet visors in road racing

by pdows47   April 17, 2013  

Hi Folks,

I know I'll get a little stick for this, but I've just pre-ordered a Giro Air Attack Shield, and am wondering if its legal to use the visor in normal road racing. I've seen a picture of David Millar in the prototype in the Tour (http://sicycle.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/5972168304_33b32ee410_b.jpg) but can't find anything in the UCI rules that expressly forbid them (BC rules didn't have anything specific either)so if any of you know the answer it would be much appreciated.


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Hmm, what is the difference between a fairing and a pair of big sunglasses?

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17th April 2013 - 18:30


That was my thought, it doesn't count as an 'aero helmet' which id think is kind of a fairing anyway. I figure it's ok for TTs, but i was intrigued about normal races, not that sunnies are a burden

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17th April 2013 - 18:50


UCI rule 1.3.031 paragraph 3:

3. Each rider shall be responsible for:
- ensuring that the helmet is approved in compliance with an official security standard and that the helmet can be identified as approved;
- wearing the helmet in accordance with the security regulations in order to ensure full protection, including but not limited to a correct adjustment on the head as well as a correct adjustment of the chin strap;
- avoiding any manipulation which could compromise the protective characteristics of the helmet and not wearing a helmet which has been undergone manipulation or an incident which might have compromised its protective characteristics;
- using only an approved helmet that has not suffered any accident or shock;
- using only a helmet that has not been altered or had any element added or removed in
terms of design or form.

BUT, The UCI State:

Adding a removable cover is not allowed, but the visors are authorized if they are produced specifically for the helmet.

Also, The helmet must be approved by the official security standards, must not have been modified and must not have suffered any shock or accident.

So in theory it 'might' be ok, but if I was the official, I would say NO, because its an add on and is not sold with the helmet, although it is produced for the helmet....HMMMMM Thinking Thinking

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17th April 2013 - 20:19


I'll just check with the race organisors, if they say I can great, if not I'll use my specs

posted by pdows47 [109 posts]
18th April 2013 - 11:04

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