Cycle storage unit to prevent theft

by steventhefifer   April 16, 2013  

I recently discovered my lockup garage had, had an attempt to break into it. Happily for me, unsuccessfully. I store up to 4 bikes in there,, padlocked but I am now realising I need further security. I was thinking if placing a metal storage unit inside. With bikes locked padlocked, and locked of course.
Has anyone to any experience of sourcing one, the ones I find are quite expensive, such as the cyclepod, but wondered if any second hand ones or cheaper-as secure existed?
I'm desperate to locate and get something in place sooner rather than later.
Any advice is welcome.

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What if you were to either lock a rack to a support beam, or use some hardware and create a very strong rack either on the beam or concreted into the garage?
Then you could lock the bikes within the garage.
Also perhaps a wooden bar on the inside of the door. I doubt many thieves expect that in this century, and if you set it up right it could be removeable.

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16th April 2013 - 4:04

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Or an anchor bolt - you can secure an anchor bolt into a hard standing floor and use a gold standard lock like an Abus Bordo. Combine that with a battery operated PIR alarm. That way with the alarm going off they won't want to hang around long enough to try and defeat your security measures!

See these links!

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16th April 2013 - 4:58

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Thanks guys,

These are very real prospects, I did consider the Abus secure mount as one option. But I can't help or wanting get away from the bikes completely from view, a safe within a safe place as it were.

The only problem is cost, it's a hell of a expensive, so at moment I feel the Abus option with chain bolt are good until I can save up for the asgards......unless anyone has any cheap one going!!

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16th April 2013 - 6:15


Around here there are a few garages with secondary locks like this lot - (site seems to have loads)

I think if you can bolt the bottom of the door to the concerete as well as the basic lock you're pretty well guarded against people levering it open.

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16th April 2013 - 7:07

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Woah - that is an expensive option! Would be very annoying if you spent all that money and ever ended up wanting to secure more than 3 bikes too! Crying

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16th April 2013 - 7:55

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use these chains !

I've used these before on some quite expensive motorcycles
too ... check out their promo video Smile

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16th April 2013 - 9:20

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